Thursday, October 7, 2010

Delight in Disorder

When I read this I really thought that Shakespeare would enjoy this poem. In a way it sort of reminded me of "My mistress' eyes" because it didn't falsely compare women to flowers or the sun. This poem seems to point out all the flaws in the way this woman is put together (not so much her physical characteristics, but her clothes). The speaker does point out negative things; however it seemed to me that they were sort of mentioned in a more positive light. This poem reminded me of the song "Best I Ever Had" by Drizzy Drake . In the song Drake says: "Chillin' with no make-up on that's when you look the best." I felt like this sort of summed up the speakers thoughts in this poem. ALthough the speaker uses words such as disorder, thrown, here and there, confusedly, and careless when describing the woman, he always pairs these words with more positive ones. Such words include: sweet, fine, enthralls, and deserving. This use of diction helps convey the real tone of the poem- which is that he loves the woman although she isn't perfect. I really liked how the final lines sort of tied the whole poem together- "Do more bewitch me than when art Is too precise in every part". Basically the speaker is saying that yes, sometimes she looks like a mess, but he is more attracted to her when she looks sloppy than when she is all put together.

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